Cambridge C1 Advanced exam

The Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) is an exam endorsed by the University of Cambridge that evaluates that you have an advanced level of English, that is, that you know how to communicate effectively in different areas, both professionally and personally. It corresponds to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and is the intermediate step between the B2 First  and C2  Proficiency exams  .

The CAE is designed  for those who want to study a degree or postgraduate degree at a university. Likewise, it will be useful to have it if you are looking to process your visa or reside in an English-speaking country, such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand. There are more than 8,500 organizations that administer this exam around the world.

C1 Advanced consists of the following parts

The CAE is divided into four parts (covering five language skills), which are subdivided into other parts and / or into several questions in each of them. Similarly, there are specific times that you must meet:

-  Reading  and Use of English  : composed of 56 questions divided into 8 parts in which you must show that you can tackle, understand and find out without difficulties different genres of texts such as newspapers and magazines, fiction books and science , advertising and informative content. You will also have to demonstrate your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. It lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

-  Writing  : it has 2 parts, the purpose of which is to write two texts (220 to 260 words each) of different types, be it an essay, a letter, a review, and so on. It covers 1 hour and 30 minutes.

-  Listening  : it consists of 30 questions divided into 4 parts, where you must prove that you are capable of understanding various audios, for example, interviews, presentations, everyday dialogues or radio programs. It lasts 40 minutes.

-  Speaking  : it has 4 parts in which you must demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively face to face. It is done in pairs and lasts 15 minutes.

The applicant must prove his ability to:

-  Capture and understand various long and complex texts  from the linguistic point of view, as well as understand the implicit meaning of sentences.

-  Effectively use the language  in different contexts, from social to academic or professional.

-  Write coherent , grammatically correct and detailed texts on various topics of varying length.

-  Express themselves fluently and spontaneously.

How do I obtain the certificate for this exam?

To obtain this exam it is necessary to have more than 126 points out of 210 (more than 60%). If you get less points you will have failed, as there are no middle terms. Within the score there are also grades, that is, they are scored with  Grade  A (90% or more), B (from 75% to 89%) and C (from 60% to 74%); This refers to the level of excellence achieved on the exam. The  Grade  D and E (below 60%) indicate that the test is suspended or failed.

Once the certificate is obtained, it is  valid for life .

Tips  to present the CAE

- The first tip, and the most obvious, is to try to reach the highest score. For this, it is advisable to  get the official guide books , with which you can optimize your time studying on your own from your home or office. There are three official books:  Objective Advanced ,  Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced ,  Certificate in Advanced English  and the  Common Mistakes at CAE ... and How to Avoid Them . You can start by doing each unit and, each time you finish one, checking your answers.

- Carry out a  schedule or study plan  that allows you to set aside time specifically for the achievement of your objectives.

- In addition to official books, another tip is to  read various texts in English , whether they are periodicals in magazines or newspapers in their online versions, or to find literature in English that you like. American Crime Stories,  The Joy Luck Club  or  Oliver Twist , among other literary titles, may be appropriate to complete your preparation.

-  Practice your pronunciation . It is very important for this level to be fluent when speaking with people with native English. If you don't have anyone to talk to, you can choose the alternative of using digital applications that allow you to search for people who speak native English, such as Tandem, or Meetup.

- If you have time to watch movies or series in English , try to remove the subtitles to sharpen your hearing, regardless of the plot. Another option is to listen to the radio and podcasts, so you will exercise your hearing.

- It is also highly recommended to do simulations presenting sample tests . You can download files on the official Cambridge English website to give you a better idea of ​​the formats and types of questions that come in the CAE.

- Finally, a good option is to  go to courses in a private academy  or college that offers preparation for these types of exams, because some people prefer a private teacher to commit to studying English. You also have online  courses  that can offer you advice, valuable information and activities that will complement the advice provided by the teachers of the face-to-face courses.

Below you can check the dates and places available to do it here 


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