TOEIC Complete (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)

In the present day, obtaining a good job no longer only requires a bachelor's degree or an engineering certificate. It is necessary to obtain different knowledge and skills that contribute to the company where you want to forge a path.

Employers prefer their candidates to demonstrate what they know with an English qualification rather than with a simple sentence such as "I can speak English."

In addition to this, we must bear in mind that more and more universities are requesting certificates in order to qualify. An English certificate can not only help you get a better job position, it also facilitates the VISA process, opens doors for you to study abroad or even live there.

In this article, we explain the most important things to know about the TOEIC test.

What is TOEIC?

Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC is the most recognized English certificate worldwide, with more than 14,000 organizations and more than 180 countries. It is divided into two tests: TOEIC Listening & Reading and Speaking & Writing.

What is the TOEIC Listening & Reading test?

It is a standard test that measures the listening and reading comprehension skills of the English language with a level A1 - C1 of the Common European Framework.

The TOEIC Listening & Reading is a paper-and-pencil test that lasts two hours, consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, and is divided into two parts.

The first part is listening comprehension. Short recordings are listened to in English and 100 questions are answered based on the recordings. Here it is subdivided into 4 sections:

- First section: 10 questions on visual themes.

- Second section: 30 conversation questions, question, answer.

- Third section: 30 short dialogue questions.

- Fourth section: 30 long dialogue questions.

- This test lasts around 45 minutes and consists of a rating scale of 10 - 495.

The second part is about reading comprehension. Sentences and texts are read in order to answer the following 100 questions. It is subdivided into three sections:

- First section: 40 questions with incomplete sentences.

- Second section: 12 questions with incomplete texts.

- Third section: 48 reading and comprehension questions.

- This test lasts approximately 75 minutes with a rating scale of 10- 495.

Keep in mind that the questions in this test are based on real-life situations, here is a list of topics that can be very helpful:

- Topic 1: Corporate development. Research and product development.

- Unit 2: Eating out. Business meals, banquets, receptions, and reservations.

- Topic 3: Entertainment. Cinema, theater, music, art, exhibitions, museums, and the media.

- Topic 4: Finances and budgeting. Banking, investments, taxes, accounting, and billing.

- Topic 5: General business activities. Contracts, negotiations, mergers, marketing, sales, guarantees, business planning, conferences and labor relations.

- Topic 6: Health care. Medical insurance, visits to the doctor, dentist, clinics, or hospitals.

- Topic 7: Housing and corporate property. Construction, specifications, purchase and rent, gas and electricity services.

- Topic 8: Human resources. Recruitment, hiring, retirement, promotion, job application, job postings, salaries, pensions, awards and rewards.

Topic 9: Manufacturing. Assembly lines, plant management, and quality control.

Topic 10: The office. Procedures, council meetings, committees, letters, memos, telephones, faxes, emails, and equipment.

Unit 11: Purchase. Make purchases, order supplies, shipping, and billing.

Unit 12: Technical areas. Electronics, technology, computers, laboratories, related equipment, and technical specifications.

Unit 13: Travel. Trains, planes, taxis, trucks, boats, ferries, tickets, schedules, announcements at stations and at the airport, car rentals, hotels, reservations, delays, and cancellations.

What is the TOEIC Speaking & Writing test?

It is a complement to the TOEIC Listening & Reading test, which is done through the Internet. You must have a microphone and headphones. It lasts about an hour and a half. It is also divided into two parts.

The first part is oral skills, the questions are listened to and answered. It is very much like a conversation. It is subdivided into five sections:

- First section: Read texts aloud.

- Second section: Describe images.

- Third section: Answer questions.

- Fourth section: Propose solutions.

- Fifth section: Express opinions.

It lasts around 20 minutes on a 10-200 rating scale.

The second part is written skills. It is read and should be written based on the readings. It is subdivided into three sections:

- First section: Write descriptive sentences.

- Second section: Respond to written requests.

- Third section: Write opinion essays.

It lasts approximately 60 minutes on a 10 - 200 rating scale. This test primarily measures the ability to communicate in the context of everyday life and the global work environment, although specialized business knowledge is not required.

Scores from both tests provide the TOEIC 4 Skills, a robust internationally recognized test encompassing all skills. Keep in mind that, if we want to take the two exams together, we will receive a break between 10 and 15 minutes.

Which test is better?

If we are beginners in the English language, it is suggested to take the TOEIC Bridge test first. This assessment measures listening and reading skills at the beginning to low intermediate level.

The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. It lasts approximately 90 minutes and is divided into two parts.

The first part is listening comprehension. Recordings are listened to and based on the audio, 50 questions must be answered. It is subdivided into three sections.

- First section: 15 questions on visual themes.

- Second section: 20 "question-answer" options.

- Third section: 15 questions about conversations and talks.

It lasts about 25 minutes on a 10 - 90 rating scale.

The second part is about reading comprehension. Based on the text, the questions will be answered. It is subdivided into two sections:

- First section: 30 questions of incomplete sentences.

- Second section: 20 reading comprehension questions.

It lasts approximately 35 minutes on a 10 - 90 rating scale.

It is important to understand that the TOEIC exam is not tested or failed, the results support the skills and knowledge that one has in the English language. So it is time to present the test, with enough preparation and without doubts.

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