DELF, junior version

The junior version of the DELF  is based on the same structure as the DELF in its version for all audiences. Only the themes change: the materials take into account  the interests of young people .

It is reserved for a public of school age and gives the right to deliver a diploma identical to the one in the version for all audiences.

The exams are independent and the candidate can register directly in the one they choose. Each exam makes it possible to assess the four communication skills: oral comprehension and expression, written comprehension and expression.

There are four diplomas available to adolescents and the school public:

Test type: A1


Note on

Listening comprehension Respond to comprehension questionnaires relating to three or four very short recordings about everyday life situations (they can be listened to twice).
Maximum duration of recordings: 3 min


0 h 20 approximately

/ 25

Written comprehension Respond to comprehension questionnaires related to four or five written documents about everyday situations.

0 h 30

/ 25

Written expression
Test in two parts:
    - complete a file, a form
    - write simple sentences (postcards, messages, epigraphs, etc.) on topics of everyday life.

> 0 h 30

/ 25

Oral expression
Test in three parts:
    - directed interview
    - exchange of information
    - simulated dialogue.


5 to 7 min
10 min

/ 25

Total duration of collective tests: 1 hour and 20 minutes
* Total mark out of 100
* Minimum mark required to obtain the diploma:
50/100 Minimum mark required per test: 5/25

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