Guide to prepare the Italian CILS Cittadinanza exam, level B1

If you live in Italy and you want to obtain a citizenship permit , you already know that you need to recognize your level of Italian, exactly at a B1 level. You must take a specific exam for this occasion, with which you can demonstrate that you are prepared to be another Italian citizen and that you have the level of the Italian language sufficient to function in any of the basic situations that your citizenship requires. For this reason, today we are going to explain everything related to the Italian CILS Cittadinanza exam, level B1, which you can obtain through the University of Siena. You will see what the test consists of, how you can prepare it on your own and what is the best way to enroll.


What is the CILS Cittadinanza Italian exam, level B1?

Law December 1, 2018, n. 132 links the achievement of Italian citizenship with the possession of level B1 in Italian, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(2001). The CILS Center has created an exam of this level, aimed precisely at those who require Italian citizenship. By having specific objectives, the CILS B1 citizenship exam has a different construction and format than the CILS UNO B1 exam. In particular, B1 citizenship describes a much more limited part of the competition than standard B1 and, for this reason, has limited spending capacity only for citizenship purposes. This exam does not cover commercial, academic, etc.

The exam fee is 100 euros , in Italy and abroad. If the exam is not passed on any skill, you will not be able to make up but will have to retake the exam in the next session.

You have a guide in which the University of Siena itself explains what the test is like and its contents, which you must control and master.

Tips and material to prepare the test

The University of Siena makes material available to candidates so that they know what the exam is like and can prepare it directly:

It is highly advisable that even if you prepare the exam on your own, you have contact with natives , since they are the ones who will help you prepare all the tests fluently, especially the oral and written creation tests. Either in person or remotely, you are sure to find Italian natives very interested in making exchanges and accompanying you in this process.

It is necessary that you set the objective , that is, that you organize and work under a schedule and a good organization that allows you to make the most of your study time and that allows you to prepare each of the tests that you have to pass.

It is essential that to take this exam you already know Italian and that you have a good command of all the content of level B1 , so that you can take the tests safely and with guaranteed success. Don't try to take the test without this prerequisite.

It would be very good to listen to a lot of Italian, for that we suggest you look for and watch movies in Italian with which to practice and have fun. We leave you a list of films in Italian that are highly recommended for level B1 , they can be great for you.

Do not forget about music, it is a playful tool that we all like a lot and with which you can improve your knowledge of Italian a lot. With this list you can surely do activities and find material that will help you practice Italian.  

Books to prepare for the CILS Cittadinanza Italian exam, level B1

Among the general Italian books of level B1 that you use to reinforce the level, to answer questions, etc. They should become your guide and work base.

As it is essential that you read a lot in Italian to be able to pass the test with the greatest success, we leave you a list of reading books indicated for a B1 level. Choose the ones you prefer, the more you read the better:

In the following link you have Italian-Spanish dictionaries . They are sure to help you a lot and are useful for your work.

Exam dates and registration

The University of Siena makes the upcoming exam dates available to all candidates ; You can see which ones interest you to present yourself in this year 2020. 

The overall score ranges from 60 (at levels A1 and A2) to 100 points (at other levels). Each skill gets its own score (variable from 0 to 20).

To achieve the CILS certification it is necessary to reach the proficiency threshold in each of the skills that make up the exam. Candidates who do not obtain proficiency in all the skills receive a certificate of capitalization, indicating the skills passed and those not passed. The certificate of capitalization can be relied upon in subsequent certification exams. Skills in which the proficiency threshold has been reached can be capitalized within 18 months. The candidate can only come forward to support skills in which they have failed.

The results of the CILS exams are communicated to the venues and candidates within 3 months of the exam date.

To register, you have a link at your disposal , from which you can see the different options and register quickly and safely.