Guide to prepare the English TOEIC Speaking & Writing exam, levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

If you need to prove your level of English, you have the possibility of doing it through the TOEIC exams , an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of English, which you may need soon to open doors both in the academic world and in the workplace. Therefore, today we want to explain everything related to this exam, but specifically about the Speaking & Writing tests, in case what you are interested in is certifying or preparing the oral part and the written part. In this article we tell you what these tests are like, how you can prepare them on your own and everything related to the enrollment process, so that you can do it easily and quickly.

What are the TOEIC exams?

TOEICTest of English for International Communication, is the most widely used official English language certification in the world, recognized by more than 160 countries in the world and 9,000 educational organizations. During 2019, more than 7 million people chose TOEIC to fulfill their educational and professional goals.

In the educational field:

  • TOEIC is recognized by all Spanish universities for obtaining the degree, access to masters and postgraduate programs.
  • You can also prove the level you need to go on Erasmus and apply for the Erasmus + Scholarships.
  • Differentiate your CV from others, with the leading official English certification.

In the professional scope:

  • Open your doors to new professional opportunities : more than 160 countries and 14,000 companies in the world use TOEIC in their selection and internal promotion processes. 
  • Participate in opposition processes , linguistic qualification for teachers, access to the army and other labor processes .

Advantages of the TOEIC test

The exam assesses the 4 skills, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, in a single test or separately. The TOEIC test is an assessment divided into 2 parts, which makes it very flexible to the needs of each candidate. The advantages this provides are:

  • You can take the entire exam on the same day, or choose separate days. Perhaps for one of the parts you need more preparation time, and you prefer to examine yourself at different times.
  • If in one of the parts you obtain a score below what you wanted, you can re-take only that part, without having to repeat the entire exam, and you will only have to pay the fees corresponding to that part.
  • In some organizations that require an English certificate, it is sufficient to present the TOEIC Listening and Reading part. 

Among the most important characteristics of the TEOIC English exam, we highlight:

  • It does not expire ; that is, the title is worth,, for now, forever.
  • It is an exam that is not failed. It is a multilevel exam, which means that, regardless of your level, you take the TOEIC and the test will certify your result, which will be between level A1 and level C1.
  • TOEIC is an exam with very rigorous and exhaustive development processes, which ensures a fair evaluation for the candidate. In addition, the results are corrected by up to 6 highly qualified professionals, which ensures highly reliable and valid results. 
  • You will get your results within 7 days. You can also check your result online for Listening and Reading, 7 days after your exam.
  • You will find TOEIC calls every month , and in some locations in Spain, even every week.

Characteristics of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing English test, levels A1-C1

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing part of the exam is done with a computer and headphones , where your answers will be recorded automatically to be corrected later. It lasts 80 minutes where you must complete 19 questions. Although the exam is done with a computer, it is face-to-face, it is not online from your home, that is, it is carried out in an exam center, under rigorous security measures.

In the following table you can see better everything related to the parts of this specific test. You have at the top everything related to the oral production test and also everything related to written production:


Number of questions

Administration time

Rating scale

Total Speaking and Writing


80 minutes




20 minutes


Read a text aloud:




Describe a photo:




Answer questions:




Answer questions using information provided:




Propose a solution




Express an opinion:






60 minutes


Write a sentence based on a photo:




Answer a written question:




Write an opinion:




Total Speaking and Writing


80 minutes



We should bare in mind that in these times given the situation of Covid-19 and to safeguard the health of all, the face-to-face sessions that will be held in the different Examination Centers have been reduced. Therefore, the new TOEIC test at home has been enabled.

Keep in mind that in this time of uncertainty and constant changes, you have to be aware of the decisions made by the institution and the exam centers to comply with the security regulations. The best thing, we repeat, is that you contact them as soon as possible, as soon as you decide to take the exam, so that they inform you of all the news.

Tips and materials to prepare the exam on your own

Also, keep the following tips in mind. Although they seem simple to you, if you follow them you will have a lot of gains, since they are all focused on the greatest concentration and obtaining the best results in the tests:

  1. It is highly advisable that even if you prepare the exam on your own, you have contact with natives , since they are the ones who will help you prepare all the tests with fluency and a good base. Either in person or remotely. This company will do you a lot of good and help you a lot to pass the tests successfully.
  2. You need to set your goal of working to pass the exam and to get your certificate. For this, it is essential that you organize and work under a schedule that allows you to make the most of your study time and that allows you to prepare for each of the tests you have to pass.
  3. It is essential that to take this exam you already know enough English and that you have a good command of all the content of levels A1-C1, so that you can take the tests safely and with guaranteed success. Don't try to take the test without this prerequisite.
  4. We advise you to contact other people who are also preparing the exam or who have already done it. If it can be, with both types, since this contact will be very helpful and you will also feel more accompanied.

In the following link you have books that will help you a lot to prepare for the tests. Remember that it is essential to read a lot to expand vocabulary and structures:

To practice listening, it will be very good to watch movies and series in English. You will notice the ease and how your ear gets used to it. Look at the selection we make by levels:

If you prefer to practice and tune your ear to the music, we leave you a list of songs graded by levels, they will surely help you a lot while having fun:

Do not forget to use a good dictionary, as it is a fundamental tool to solve doubts and advance in the study of English. If you are not sure which ones can help you, here is a list that will surely help and inspire you to decide. Remember that no matter what level you want to present yourself to, it is an essential work tool since you start studying English as a foreign language.

Dates and registration

To make your registration you must fill in the data in a moment and reserve your place. 

We once again insist on the need to contact your exam center, the one you have chosen in the previous link, because they are the ones who will tell you in an updated way and in detail how to proceed so that you are clear about all the protocols for the exam . It is essential that you contact them in time to be able to prepare your tests safely and without having any last minute surprises.

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