Tips for preparing for the oral exam of a foreign language

Nov 30, 2020

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Tips for preparing for the oral exam of a foreign language

Most of the world's languages have their power of attraction both on a cultural and work level, because the intellectual development of man has risen quite a bit as well. This, together with the fact that modern study methods have undergone a great advance, makes learning the chosen language affordable and enjoyable for anyone, these are the main reasons why thousands of people are mobilized to study them. Given its importance , we propose in these lines to give you a series of tips so that you can prepare as well as possible for the oral exam of the language you have chosen. However, getting a good grade on the exam will have its drawbacks, if you have not used the entire course well, because neither in languages ​​nor in anything like it, there are miracles. 

Everyday work

Oral exams often become real challenges to check the ability of students, and it is not easy to quickly remember what has been learned during months of study, so the demands are great: to remember instantly what was learned with total success, at the same time that the nerves play a prominent role in the exams. Therefore, the preparation must be on purpose, conscientiously , taking the time that is needed to be the best prepared in order to pass the tests.

Consequently, the study of the course must be conveniently prepared, leaving nothing to chance, or for later. It is good for the stimulus, whether you study on your own or if you attend class, to compose a group of classmates to be able to practice often, because in this way, together you will correct the mistakes that you can make, most likely, one eludes others. And in this way many failures and errors can be avoided.

During the course, you should watch films and series in the foreign language to capture the tone and meaning of the sentences, which are very necessary for the exam preparation process.

Tips for the oral exam

- The first thing you should do is choose an appropriate school to take the learning course, where you should prepare for the oral exam. The school must provide you with everything you need to study and, of course, to attend the exam with all the guarantees of success: If you do not have the possibility of attending a language school, pay attention to the many advice of consecrated transmitters that there on the internet.

- At school they should provide you with audio and video resources , with which they will cover your preparation both in pronunciation and tone. If you prepare the exam on your own, you will not lack the resources on the Internet.

On the other hand, schools usually hold intensive courses that serve as a tool to prepare for the oral exam. It will be good to make an effort and attend them.

Preparation for the oral exam

If you are well prepared you should not have any cause for concern; however, the following tips may help you to be more sure:

- It is good to repeat that during the course and especially on the dates surrounding the oral exam, it is very convenient to form a group of classmates with whom to practice the language, it is a very suggestive way to practice and therefore, to also acquire greater fluency in speech; Although at all times you have to try to start oral conversations with natives, at present there are no impediments to achieving it in different ways.

- You must intensify the study during the dates before the exam to nourish yourself with more vocabulary, however, when you go to make the final review it is not very advisable to increase more vocabulary, because we have time to spend on consolidating what we have learned.

- In the market you can find books for the preparation of the oral exam. You can turn to them if you are learning on your own. Here we leave you an alternative such as audiobooks .

For those who study on their own, before the exam ...

- You must be as well prepared as possible, because a more complete and better used learning is the only thing that guarantees a good grade.

- You have to take care of yourself mentally and physically as it will provide you with greater security in yourself. If you carry out these suggestions, you will be much better prepared to face the exams with guarantees of passing them.

- The central thesis consists of practicing a little every day, because leaving it for the last minute is too expensive a risk.

- Prepare yourself for the exam well in advance so that you have plenty of time in order to organize yourself better.

- The reading and the audios that you are going to use during the dates prior to the exam must be strictly of the level required for said exam, which will help you to remember and crush what you have studied.

Errors to avoid during an oral exam

- Take the exam without having acquired the required level previously.

- Believe that you have enough to go to the exam and leave several days prior to it without finishing the studies.

- Disregard relaxation techniques, which can help you control the logical nerves that arise before an exam.

Final conclusion

In an oral exam, the person , their appearance, and also their manners play an important role. Education in view of the examiners creates a pleasant first impression, although it does not influence to raise the grade, it is sure that it creates some receptivity, which could favor in the event of a doubt in the qualification at the time of awarding the appropriate mark. Greet politely, say good morning, is an act of education as is dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Here we share a video (in English, you can put the subtitles) with 5 general tips that will help you in the preparation of your oral exams in any language!


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