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At the moment, there are no open classes for English in Albacete.This usually happens when they have recently ended and it takes some time until new spots are available. Leave us your email to notify you as soon as new classes are posted so you can enroll.

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APTIS General (A2-C1)

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📌 Aptis APTIS General (A2-C1)

Curso preparación de examen APTIS General

📍 Center in Albacete (Albacete)



🏠 Videoconference

👩‍🏫 Native teacher

📆 Start of classes : 8/5/24

📅 Enrolment deadline : 8/5/24

🕔 Afternoon schedule

🏁 Duration (hours): 30

💳One-time payment | 294 €

💳One-time payment | 294 €

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