Tips for studying a foreign language

Dec 4, 2020

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Tips for studying a foreign language

Many young and old people for various reasons decide to study a language, but they do not know how to do it. If you are one of them, we are going to give you advice to study a foreign language based on certain experiences, so that you can orient yourself and start properly.

Having and staying motivated is essential

In all the proposals that you make in life in order to achieve it, you must know why you want to do it. And to start the journey the emotional aspect must exist in your head and in your heart. Perhaps you are going to take a trip to a foreign country, or you meet a series of friends who know a certain language and from time to time they talk to each other to practice and you find yourself out of place. Whatever the causes, you must feel them and fight for them. In your intimate reflections you must be aware that you want to learn such a language, which means that you are going to do everything possible to study that language, to speak that language , etc.

Find yourself a partner

As there is fellowship and why not, also, competition, you will stimulate each other , motivate each other , and progress will be continuous. Surely in good harmony you will propose goals to achieve and both of you will want to be the first to achieve them. But the fundamental advantage is that you can start dialogues and surely you will correct each other, with which progress is assured.

Also try to talk to yourself

In no way does this part of the method contradict the above. Ideally, you would think about the language you are studying to take more dynamics in the creation of phrases, this serves as a complement to the accompaniment. Talking to yourself in a foreign language is good practice, because it helps you memorize new words and phrases and also makes you feel more confident when the opportunity to speak with your partner or anyone else and out loud.

Practice from day one

Your goal should be to want to talk from day one and you can do it, don't get stuck. In your mind should be recorded: "I learn a language to use it." The moment you can go to a store, bar, restaurant etc. That they are run by native people of the language you study and ask him for things in his language, he will thank you and he will surely help you. In addition , you must create an environment foreign language around you. In your room write songs in the language you study, you study with music from the country of the language you are studying, etc.

Learn the language relaxed and having fun

Creativity must be constantly present in your language class and outside of it. Therefore we suggest that you think about having fun while learning and using the language. Make the decision with your study partner to constantly speak in the language for anything, you can record yourself reading a poem. Everything you can do to constantly be thinking in the new language is very effective.

Learn from children

According to certain experiments, age does not influence the learning of a language as such. However, children are able to master a new language much more quickly. Why? Because they are not afraid of being wrong, it is enough for them to rectify and continue happy.

You must also learn from your mistakes, because the key to growth in any facet of life and also in learning a language, is to admit that you do not know everything and accept that fact with total normality.

To learn you have to risk

The best way to develop and improve your skills is not to be afraid of uncomfortable situations. Regardless of your level, you can never speak a language until you push forward. Talk to strangers, don't care, joke around, etc. The faster you complete this phase, the sooner and more dilute you will speak your new language. Only then will you feel more secure in new situations that arise unexpectedly.

Learn to listen

Naturally, you must learn to listen before you speak . It is logical because at first any unknown language sounds strange when you hear it for the first time, but in a short time the more you work on it, the closer it will be to you and the easier it will be to speak correctly.

Watch people talking

All languages ​​have different requirements for your lips, throat and tongue. We can ensure that pronunciation is both a physical and a mental phenomenon. Although it may seem strange to you, it is worth looking at a person when they pronounce words that have sounds that interest you and then try to reproduce them as close to them. It can be difficult at first but in a few tries you will achieve it. If this is not possible, you can substitute it by watching movies and television shows in the language you are studying. It is sure to give you very good results.

Finally immerse yourself in the language

Try to absorb as much new knowledge as possible from the beginning and remember that the best result of language learning is when people respond to you. The ability to carry even the simplest conversation is already a great reward.

And don't worry, you will never annoy people if you don't speak their language correctly. But, it is more practical so that the good interest arises to help you, to warn him that you are learning his language and that you would like to practice, surely most will patiently correct your mistakes, support you and you will enjoy both you and him.


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