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The reasons to study Italian and obtain an official certification

Nov 25, 2020

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The reasons to study Italian and obtain an official certification

Currently, having an official certificate in any language becomes a plus for our curriculum, be it work or academic. It means opening the doors to new possibilities, to new opportunities. Not everything is made by an English degree; Although it may seem strange, knowledge of the Italian language can be a differentiating element in your history, possibly the element that allows you to get that job, that scholarship or that possibility of travel that you wanted so much. 

Five fundamental reasons to study Italian

Understanding Italian as a minority language or a language that does not have many outlets as an end goal is to fall into the trap of comparison. Any language, if we know how to take advantage of it, is a field of possibilities for its students, Italian is no less. Studying Italian , the language of love and passion , can be not only a great investment on a professional and academic level, it can also be a great adventure on a personal level. People, travel, culture, traditions ... All this in an easy way, because it turns out that Italy is a well-located country and well connected with the rest of the countries of the world and you can visit it quickly and comfortably. The reasons why study Italian are many ... 

  1. It is a language with certain similarities to Spanish, at the vocabulary level, which will allow you, especially when you start, to understand much faster than any other language and, therefore, to develop and advance at a speed that will motivate you a lot to start with. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that Italian is the same as Spanish, because it is not and you will realize its difficulties and differences as you move forward, but the beginning will be fluid.
  2. It is a language that you will surely have close to several study centers with native teachers or good professionals who can help you on your way, it is easy to find an academy in which to train.
  3. If you want to work and learn on your own, on the Internet you have all kinds of material, which you can easily access, and with which you can train and advance in your studies of the Italian language.
  4. As we have seen before, it is a very well connected country, you can travel from anywhere in the world, especially if you are in Spain from where you can arrive in a couple of hours.
  5. Culture is general, it is fascinating and whatever your area of ​​interest, Italians have history and are pioneers: painting, architecture, cinema, fashion, music, gastronomy ... 

Reasons to obtain an official Italian certificate

When you start to be interested in this topic and to prepare your official level of Italian , you will see that you have different certification options , Plida, Cils, Celi…, among the most recognized. All of them, whatever you choose, are equally valid, according to your needs and preferences, and with all of them you can safely benefit.

- If you are still in your university stage or have returned to it, at this time you have to know that you need the certification of a language to graduate. Italian can be that great option, that well certified, allows you to obtain your specialist degree that you have finished. In this way, you have already finished your higher studies not only with the degree, but also with the possibility of opening up the world and ground for yourself through the knowledge of a highly demanded language, believe it or not, such as Italian.

 - As a personal challenge , studying Italian can become interesting as well as beautiful. Opening yourself to a new language means opening yourself up to a new culture, new relationships, new possibilities in all the areas you want. In addition, setting a goal and meeting it is one of the greatest satisfactions you can have as a person, and as we have seen before, Italian is a choice that will motivate you and will be easy for you to carry.

 - If you want to study at an Italian university, or from a country where Italian is spoken, these certificates can be the gateway. Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Naples… You will find quite powerful universities throughout the country that will be a broad reference for the studies you are doing, even for the more technical training practices that require it.

 - There are many multinationals in Italy and those that work with Italy from anywhere in the world, so obtaining an official Italian language certificate will open many doors for you at work , with prestigious companies and in good positions. It will be a way to make your way and aspire to your deserved promotion.

 - Traveling is one of the fundamental pleasures of the human being today. Conquering a country as rich in possibilities and as varied as Italy, without missing out on not understanding, is a wonderful gift that only you can give yourself. Italy is much more than the big cities that appear in all the tourist guides. You will come back impressed by everything you can discover and the beautiful experiences that you will take if you decide to study the Italian language and mix with its people, its places, its culture.

 - For the simple pleasure of reading a book in the original language, watching a film, documentary, etc., for that reason alone it is worth studying a language as rich as Italian. You will be able to enjoy an immense cultural manifestation, with its full richness and without missing anything. It is important that the element "enjoyment" is part of your decision; that is to say, studying Italian simply because you feel like it, just because and with no objectives beyond learning and having fun.

How to organize and study a language on your own

The frenetic pace that today makes us all take it sometimes makes it impossible to find time to study languages. However, we must be aware of the great tool that we now have, which allows us to adapt circumstances to ourselves, to our possibilities and times: the Internet. A good Internet connection and a computer can be the fundamental elements that make it possible for you to study that language that you have so much desire, even if it seems impossible to reconcile tasks in your day to day life. Of course, with your desire, time and organization.

Tips for organizing yourself in studying a language on your own

The coronavirus situation that has paralyzed the whole world this year 2020 has made it possible to value many of the resources that we have and that until now we had not been able to get the most out of it. The possibility of doing many things online and from home is proof that if you want, you can also study a language on your own. Resources are available and easy to access. It is only necessary to follow a series of guidelines to organize yourself and be able to achieve the desired objective. 

  1. Before you start, set a goal for yourself clearly. That is, specify yourself what you want to achieve. It could be, if you are starting, the A1 level of a foreign language, for example, to act accordingly to your goal and to direct yourself to it and take the right steps, without ambivalence, and achieve it.
  2. Set a plan of work in which you have to start by the time available. A company like this requires dedication, that's necessary. You decide what quality time you can dedicate to it. Make a plan for weeks of what days you can spend studying, how many hours those days. It is highly recommended that the time spent studying is of quality. That is, you can dedicate yourself completely, without distractions, with full concentration. You already know that at that time all you have to do is study, including necessary breaks, so you must be fully aware of this to prepare your week.
  3. It is essential that you set a date for yourself before starting to obtain the results , to reach the goal. You have to be very realistic, because depending on the language, obtaining a level may take more or less time, it will also depend on the time you can dedicate. From the beginning, put a date on your plan and when you start and get into the matter, make the pertinent modifications. Try that nothing that is not really important prevents you from achieving it in the marked time.
  4. You need to spend some time looking for study materials , as you won't have to when you sit down and start your plan. Therefore, it is essential that you do a good search first. See which books are the most advisable, dictionaries, readings, additional material such as movies, series, songs, TV and radio channels, etc. Look for a while for blogs of people who can help you, look for people who have already done it and who can serve as a reference. There will be a lot of material that you can get on the Internet to download and other, it may be, that you have to look for it by other means.
  5. Organize your study environment well . It is essential that you find a fixed place for this objective and that you condition it to the maximum so that it transmits inspiration, concentration and all the tranquility you need to study. A place where you are comfortable and pleasant is essential , where there is no noise during your work time and where no one is going to bother you.
  6. Remember that when you study a language it is not just about memorizing the grammar . A foreign language, to master it, you have to work it at other levels : reading and oral comprehension, in addition to the spoken part and written expression. Keep in mind that the material you have selected has to serve as the basis for all this and that every week you have to plan the work of each of these parts.
  7. It is recommended that the entire organization have it in writing, that you have your weekly plan in a kind of schedule or table, so you can see it. The visualization process is essential for motivation and advancement in the study of a foreign language. Have a notebook in which to write down possible doubts, things that arise and that you think you need, etc. A guide that accompanies you like this is essential and is beneficial.
  8. Look for applications that can help you learn the language. They are a more fun and enjoyable way of working and moving forward. There are some that are very playful and you can study almost without realizing it, you will have a great time.
  9. Look for exchanges , that's something that will help you move faster, socialize and have fun while learning a language. Today you can find many people available to do it, even groups. Also online, in case you want to do it from home or you can't go out, you have that possibility. Practice without fear, accept with appreciation the corrections that can be made, it is essential to advance and learn a foreign language.
  10. Don't forget to have a dictionary as a fundamental working tool. Look for a good one, much more if you want to study a language to higher levels, even if you are starting now. It will help you to solve all the doubts you have, to move forward. Do not trust online translators, not all, because some do automatic translations without taking into account the meaning of the text, sentence or word.
  11. Celebrate your achievement. Once you have reached your goal, the goal, celebrate it. You deserve recognition for the work you have done. For your dedication, for your time, for your learning and improvement, for the commitment that you have maintained with you, but, above all, for not having left it and having reached the end.