Where you can take the Trinity exams in Seville

Nov 25, 2020


Where you can take the Trinity exams in Seville

If you are studying English with the intention of officially certifying your level, through a Trinity exam, today we want to help you enroll if you live in Seville. So that it is clear to you where to go, who to contact and what steps to take, and do not waste time with this process, today's article can help you resolve all these doubts and clarify any that may arise in this regard. You will find all the data related to levels, dates, enrollment and prices of the Trinity College exams in Seville.


The Trinity College certificates that you can obtain in Seville


In case you did not know, the Trinity exams are English tests that allow you to obtain official English degrees recognized almost worldwide, backed by Trinity College London, a body founded in 1877 and which turns out to be  the world's first examining committee in reference to oral exams in our country. They offer the possibility of obtaining different certificates, depending on the need of each one, which are quite recognized by companies, universities, schools and various entities.


Among the different degrees that can be obtained from Trinity College, and of which you can examine if you live in Seville, are:


ISE are tests that assess the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading, according to the CEFR. These exams are especially focused on the practical use of English, and especially on oral and written production.


-GESE this exam is intended for candidates who have learned English as a foreign language, second language or additional language, since what it certifies is knowledge of oral English. 


-The SEW exam assesses oral skills applied to the world of work.



Dates and prices of the Trinity exams that you can take in Seville


If you live in Seville and you plan to take an exam to obtain an English certificate from Trinity College, you have many possibilities depending on the level and the specific test you intend to take. You can take any of the Trinity titles, whatever suits you best, without having to leave Seville. In the following lists you have all the information, ordered by titles, relative to pricesdates and characteristics:


  1. Within the ISE exams, you can take the exam that best suits you to obtain the certificate of the different levels. Check carefully to see which one interests you, what are the prices, dates and other conditions necessary to make your registration within the established period:


Trinity ISE Foundation - Reading & Writing (A2)

Trinity ISE Foundation - Listening & Speaking

Trinity ISE Foundation - full


Trinity ISE I - complete (B1)

Trinity ISE I - Reading & Writing Module

Trinity ISE I - Listening & Speaking Module


Trinity ISE II - Full (B2)

Trinity ISE II - Reading & Writing Module

Trinity ISE II - Listening & Speaking Module


Trinity ISE III - Complete (C1)

Trinity ISE III - Reading & Writing Module

Trinity ISE III - Listening & Speaking Module

Trinity ISE IV - Complete (C2)

2. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in taking an exam to obtain the GESE certificate, take a good look at all the options available to you. You have the possibility of examining yourself at all levels. Look for yours carefully and check data, dates, price and all the information carefully so that you can make your registration on time:

Trinity GESE 1 - Pre A1

Trinity GESE 2 - A1.1

Trinity GESE 3 - A2.1

Trinity GESE 4 - A2.2

Trinity GESE 5 - B1.1

Trinity GESE 6 - B1.2

Trinity GESE 7 - B2.1

Trinity GESE 8 - B2.2

Trinity GESE 9 - B2.3

Trinity GESE 10 - C1.1

Trinity GESE 11 - C1.2

Trinity GESE 12 - C2.1

3. And finally, if you have the need to take a SEW test, control the possibilities you have very well. Focus on your level and examine well all the information provided so that you can enroll on time and do not run out of the right to take your exam:

Trinity SEW (B1)

Trinity SEW (B2)

Trinity SEW (C1)