Summary of the COVID-19 protocol School and nurseries of Castilla La Mancha

Dec 1, 2020


Summary of the COVID-19 protocol School and nurseries of Castilla La Mancha

On September 9, in the first instance, the start of the new course will take place in the Castilla La Mancha community in person at all educational centers. To this end, all teachers and non-teaching staff can voluntarily undergo COVID-19 antibody testing.

Preparation of educational centers

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodríguez, at a press conference held at the Fuensalida Palace, sent a message of tranquility to the entire educational community of Castilla La Mancha and reminded them that “thanks to the collaborative spirit, today we can be talking about the beginning of the course we are going to do in person”.

For these purposes, educational centers will have in their hands a complete guide of the measures to be taken in the face of COVID and indicative of how to act if a case occurs. The guide includes aspects such as the organization of educational centers, schedules with their adjustments, it also offers instructions related to the organization of classes, school canteens and transportation, while defining the figure of the tracker and offers recommendations on how act in the event of a confirmed case of COVID.

−−Educational centers are already prepared for the two possible scenarios: blendedness and telematics. Both are options are not contemplated

−−At the beginning of the course, it is intended to distribute up to a million masks and also bottles of hydroalcoholic gel for both students and teachers.

−− At the same time, 10,000 methacrylate screens will be installed and ten technicians will reinforce the Occupational Risk Prevention services in order to advise the centers. On the other hand, a 900 line will be enabled so that they can make any questions or report suspected cases of contagion.

Collaboration with Health

As explained by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, the guide, which has been prepared in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Health, explains preventive aspects such as organizational models in educational centers and the necessary adjustments in school hours themselves in order to guarantee the safety of both students and teachers.

Relevant instructions are also given on the development of classes, the use of spaces, complementary services such as school transport, dining rooms and residences, movements within the premises, defines the figure of the tracker and argues specific measures for vulnerable personnel.

The head of Education explained that all the measures that will be taken will also be complemented with the extraordinary hiring of more than 3,000 teachers, "Castilla-La Mancha being the second autonomous community that has made the greatest effort in this regard", and with the implementation of a Reinforcement Plan.

“With all this, the educational community can be calm. The educational spaces of our region are safe places. Because we have worked with Health so that they are", stressed the head of Education. “And we are going to put all possible barriers to the virus. And in the event that a case occurs, we have every guarantee that a clear protocol will be deployed to combat it, ”he concluded.

Protocol for possible cases

The method that will be imposed in the event of a possible positive case of a student who is a symptom in a classroom will proceed to transfer to a case "management" room that will be installed in all centers. You will be provided with a mask, your family will be called and you will be transferred to the referral health center. If the case is serious, call 112.

In the event that the case is confirmed, it will be transferred to the Public Health. If the case is confirmed, the affected person will go under the dependency of Public Health. If the affected person has maintained contact with a group, this will keep quarantine and also in prevention the class or classes that could be affected by this group of students.

All the centers will have thermometers, but they are not required to take the temperature, so this action could be carried out by parents before the children go to class

Hand washing will be carried out both at the entrance and at the exit of the school and will be done either in the dining room services, or after activities outside the classroom. In any case, the cleanliness of the school transport will be extreme, in which each child will have their seat assigned or those schoolchildren who are siblings, those who come from the same town, or also those who share the route of several towns will be grouped.

On the other hand, the cleaning of the schools in infantile and primary education will correspond to the municipalities, while for the institutes a specific amount has been approved for this purpose.

Finally, 2000 cameras have been acquired to monitor blended processes, which can be used in a synchronized or asynchronous way and can also serve as a basis for other situations when the pandemic situation passes.