How to overcome a bad personal moment through the study of a foreign language

Dec 2, 2020

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How to overcome a bad personal moment through the study of a foreign language

There are times in life that certain people need a break from the noise and routine that day-to-day entails. Get off the noisy doing, slow down and rethink who they are or what they want. Sometimes these moments of reflection are more painful than we would like and we need more time than expected. It can also happen that it is an external circumstance that paralyzes us and that leads us to isolate ourselves, to need time for ourselves and to make certain decisions or simply to duel, pause and get away from everything. But it can also be the case that it takes a lot to get back to reality because the state of apathy overwhelms us. Did you know that studying a foreign language can help you to connect with yourself and with the world, to make you feel better helping you come back to your life? In today's article we are going to help you do so.

The study of foreign languages ​​in times of personal crisis

Getting out of a personal crisis is not easy. Sometimes we don't have enough drive to do it ourselves. Not even the company and the constant effort of the people who love each other the most can achieve it. It is normal to need at certain times in life the help of a professional to guide and accompany. Among these, many of them advise new activities such as the study of foreign languages, with the intention of pampering the patient and recovering his illusion. Do you know how studying a new language can help these days ?:

- Setting new goals, sometimes unthinkable before, is a good way to start to get out of a personal crisis. It is about creating a new reality out of the state of disenchantment that a crisis supposes. It is like opening a door that in an unexpected way can give birth to many lives.

- Studying a new foreign language means overcoming who you were before, who you are at the moment you make the decision. The possibility of proposing weekly work goals and gradually exceeding and specifying them, no matter how small they may seem, are an incredible option in the face of stagnation. It is being in connection with you , remembering that you can do what you set out to do, knowing that you are worth it and that what you do has value, which will allow you to get out of the crisis and sadness. Self- confidence greatly improves in a process such as studying a foreign language.

- Learning a language always inevitably involves meeting new people. If you go to a school, which we highly recommend if you are sad to force yourself into continuous contact with others, or if you study it on your own, you should contact native people, make the effort to practice with others, find companions in this new path. You are going to connect with healthy people, with a common goal with you and that generates many ties and possibilities to open up, feel more accompanied and much better in your personal process.

- If you decide to study a foreign language, that will inevitably lead you to travel sooner or later. That is, you are going to come out of the paralysis state in which you were before making the decision. Knowing new places, connecting with other different people is not only good for your spirits, it is necessary in difficult situations. Therefore, do not stop preparing the trip and doing it. From the moment you consider doing it, you are already moving your energies, your illusions, your desire. Everything is a symptom of a small change.

- Being intellectually active is a good tool to change your thoughts. Possibly, in a moment of crisis, you will be immersed in negative or uncertain thoughts that cause you discomfort. If you concentrate on studying a foreign language, you will be intellectually busy and negative thoughts will diminish and at times they will even disappear. It is a good tool to feel better, to vibrate in good tune during times that, you will see, over time will continue.

- The amount of work or academic doors that languages ​​can open will make it possible for you to give a considerable turn to your life, if you wish. It is an opportunity for physical change as well.

In conclusion

The study of a foreign language is an excellent option to start over, to create a new reality much happier and more satisfying if it is what you need at some point in your life. Learning always brings good things and much more if you learn a language that, inevitably as we have seen, you can also materialize with titles, people, moments, etc. It is a path full of experiences that will help you get out of the state of stagnation in which you find yourself immersed. A new opportunity to go out and conquer you and the world. Because studying a foreign language all it brings are good things, very good things.

We advise you to choose a language that you like and that you are excited about learning it, so that the path is truly satisfactory and so that you advance and see results, which will fill you with enthusiasm and full confidence in yourself.

If you need it, look for people who have previously lived this experience, they themselves will be able to explain to you what this learning, this path, this experience meant to them. It can be very inspiring, as well as helping you and feeling more wrapped up and safe on the road if you need it to get started.