Can you learn German from home?

Tips to be self-taught. Studying a foreign language is never easy, and German is no more difficult than any other language. It is about a constant will and motivation on the part of the student to achieve the objective. Dec 3, 2020 #Formation #German

How many languages do Europeans speak?

A study reflects the number of languages ​​spoken in the different countries of the European Union. In addition, reflecting the different languages ​​spoken in each country, the difference between men and women or between generations is also discussed. Dec 3, 2020 #Languages

The qualities of a language teacher

Knowing how to teach is very important for learning to be effective for students. Among the most important qualities is: being patient, knowing how to motivate students and doing educational and fun activities with which to motivate students. Dec 2, 2020 #Languages

What if I decide to study a little known language?

The attraction of learning a foreign language even if it is little known or a minority. It will always bring you benefits with the experiences lived during the learning process. Never stop learning, follow your heart and enjoy the decision. Dec 2, 2020 #Formation #Languages #Advantages

Learn Italian around the world

If you are willing to learn Italian, surely you want to know which are the best countries to learn (apart from Italy, of course). Here we leave you the best countries in the world to learn and improve your Italian. Dec 2, 2020 #Italian title #Italian #Languages

Learn languages online

With tools like the internet learning languages ​​can become very easy, yes, you have to be constant, set realistic objectives and goals and keep meeting them. In summary, you must be a very constant person. Dec 2, 2020 #tips #recommendations #Languages

Why should a student study a language?

Studying languages ​​is always a good option: it opens you up new job opportunities, keeps your brain active or travel the world comfortably Dec 2, 2020 #tips #recommendations #Languages

Where to study French in France?

If you are considering learning or improving your French, one of our tips in this regard is to travel to the country of the native language as you will do a complete immersion. Dec 2, 2020 #Languages #French

How to overcome a bad personal moment through the study of a foreign language

At times in life, we encounter disappointment or a low mood. Therefore, learning a new language is a great opportunity to keep our minds occupied and thus reinforce self-confidence. Dec 2, 2020 #Formation #recommendations #Languages

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