How to strengthen the learning of a language through music

Dec 3, 2020

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How to strengthen the learning of a language through music

You may not know that music can become an extraordinary tool to help you learn a foreign language. In the same way as a movie in its original version, music invites you to memorize the lyrics, becoming a very fertile quarry to learn words and expressions that you can keep in your memory as you listen to them.

The songs represent an extraordinary opportunity to abound in the lexicon of another language. The lyrics of a song can become the perfect excuse for you, as a student, to increase your vocabulary in an easy way. Now you have the opportunity to easily retain new words in your memory and then apply them in the most appropriate way.

From these lines we want to expose you everything that can turn your love of music into a way to strengthen your learning of the foreign language that you like the most.

The foundations of learning through music

As a general rule, songs are used as a teaching resource in schools to teach languages. It is also a very effective and motivating method due to its playful nature, as it provides teachers with many possibilities to teach the language from different perspectives.

Many French, English and Italian singers are familiar to you because their songs have penetrated your heart and you accidentally hum their music, and you even sing entire stanzas in their native language, because you have heard them so many times that they are already familiar to you. That is, instinctively, you sing its lyrics in the original language; Although most of the times you still do not understand what you are singing (passive listening), this way you do not improve your language level.

But your interest in music can be put at the service of your taste for a language, if you know how to use it properly, because it facilitates the process of linguistic information , while you carry out an activity that you like and that does not require effort. any. Well, it can become the key to improving your attention to the language you have chosen.

In summary, from vocabulary to grammar, through songs, students are open to study perspectives with didactic objectives of learning a foreign language. The teaching values ​​very positively the aspects related to the phonology of languages, which is an essential element to become proficient in another language. In this direction, songs provide the opportunity to work with pronunciation and modulation to develop your oral expression.

Steps to follow

- Choose the song you like, get its lyrics and listen to it as many times as you like, because repetition is the most important factor in learning a foreign language and pay attention to its content in due time; Also pay attention to the meaning of their lyrics.

- After hearing it several times, try to sing or hum it without looking at the lyrics. The effect is faster both to remember the letter and to improve its pronunciation. At this first moment do not worry if you do not understand its meaning yet, at first the important thing is to try to pronounce it well.

- Get hold of the lyrics by searching for it online. If the language you have chosen is English, we advise you to search for it in google: «Song Name lyrics» or (English lyrics, for songs in English). Finding a page of the same rank in other languages ​​is not difficult either.

Listen to the song while you read its text and you will appreciate an extraordinary change, because the music already with its lyrics will leave you surprised when you see the words and phrases of which now you do know their meanings, something that was impossible before. The time has come to stop and think about the phrases that you think are most important.

Now that you know the lyrics and understand the general meaning, you can continue to listen to them as you sing them. Once you've settled on your favorite song, you'll definitely want to hum it while doing other activities in the car or in the shower.

The limits of the songs

- With only the songs you cannot study a language.

- It is a help, with which you can become familiar with the language and learn a lot of vocabulary.

- Through music, peoples spread their culture, in this direction we must accept their help as a great loan to our language learning. In it, the authors express popular feelings and their culture.

By way of synthesis

Currently, the development of science has given rise to a technique so refined and so sophisticated that it makes any objective that was previously considered difficult and in others impossible for man to achieve, today it is planted in front of us as accessible effortlessly and at no cost.

At the service of teaching , and especially in language teaching, science has been deeply penetrating and offering the opportunity to use it from different angles, all of them very beneficial to learn a language even in a fun way, but with high efficiency previously unthinkable.

Nowadays, thanks to the communication technique, a person, without knowing what it can even mean as it is written, can automatically simulate a song from a foreign language with the best accent of a native. Such is the achievement of music that is more easily retained in the memory of any person than by other forms of assimilation.

Learning the language you want through songs native to the country where the language is spoken is today possible and also necessary, because it makes it easier for you to assimilate the intonation and pronunciation of that language almost without realizing it.

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