Free resources to improve your English pronunciation

Dec 4, 2020

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Free resources to improve your English pronunciation

When we talk about improving pronunciation in English, it should not be understood as a mere recommendation , but on many occasions it seems like it, because it is assumed that understanding with a native speaker, should already be satisfied. But an Englishman, like everyone else, likes to talk to a foreigner who dominates his language, and by mastering we mean, that he has an acceptable pronunciation .

Ah, the accent in English! It is something that scares a Hispanic, because when we hear characters from politics, or from any intellectual area of ​​our country pronounce English, it seems to us a child who babbles his first words; however, due to the lack of a mirror, our "stars" seem rather to have been the clumsy of the class. 

Why should you put effort in the pronunciation of English?

Become a good English translator, you speak and by yourself you will leave doubts regarding your pronunciation, then listen to yourself, you will not need anyone to hear you, you yourself will feel the disappointment after a long time studying it. Is it worth making an effort to perfect your pronunciation? Of course! Because from then on, you will be ashamed to be heard by a native.

There are many students who from the beginning accept their accent as good as it may be, because they themselves, without knowing why, have become self-aware that having good or bad pronunciation is something innate in the person and, therefore, you have to settle.

Naturally, your pronunciation is also directly related to your knowledge of English, if you are self-taught, the best thing would be, to start well, is to submit to a test of your level of English , in the following link, you have the opportunity to know your level free:

Why do you pronounce English wrong?

The first thing you have to take into account as a Spaniard is that English has sounds that exist in our language and, naturally, we don't recognize those sounds. The differences in pronunciation between the two languages ​​are many and important, but suffice it to say that Spanish has five vowels, while in English vowel sounds reach up to 20. So, the solution is not to repeat the word or letter that we do not master many times, what is advisable is to listen to those words or letters as many times as necessary so that they remain recorded in our brain, so that it acts by memorizing. Progressively, as you practice assiduously, daily, along with the suggestions we provide in this article, make no doubt that you will acquire that perfection to be able to communicate as easily as you do in your own language.

Tool to correct English pronunciation

It is known that phonetics is a very effective tool that allows knowing with great precision how to pronounce a word. English has a dozen sounds that do not exist in Spanish, it is true that learning these sounds requires work, but phonetics make it easy for you. Because in the international phonetic alphabet API each sound corresponds to a specific symbol. The International Phonetic Alphabet will help you pronounce English accurately 

For example, once you know that [θ] and [ð] are the two pronunciations of English th , you won't need to know more (soft th and hard th). The same happens with the difference between chip and cheap, given by the short i (/ ɪ /) and the long i (/ iː /).

A good recipe: listen to a lot of English and rehearse

Since you start your English studies, you have to have the idea of ​​listening to English daily, with a methodology that allows you to clearly capture the sounds, while you are exercising mental translation. To speak well, you have to listen a lot and well . Also here you can satisfy this need of great importance: Where they edit audio-magazines that perfectly meet your needs.

Modern technology and science prevent all kinds of excuses not to try to correct the pronunciation defect. Whatever your tastes, the offers exceed your needs. If you spend a lot of time at home you have at your disposal movies and also series with all kinds of English-speaking plot; but also if you travel a lot, podcasts will help you to learn and improve the English language.

The secret is to listen a lot until you become familiar with the accent , but with that we only have half, now it is about repeating and repeating the pieces that you like the most about your listening and trying to imitate them by recording yourself by any of the numerous means that exist to it. The fundamental advice is to repeat and repeat , which will help you memorize the pronunciation of English, listening to yourself. Once you have memorized it, what corresponds is to listen again and at the same time the recorder speaks, do it yourself, this formula gives very good results. 

Perseverance is the mother of success

Once you have made the decision to study a language, specifically English, you should not be content with understanding a native speaker; the important thing too, or perhaps more, is that the native understands you. You cannot say that it is enough to speak it in any way , because it is not a question that the language presents many difficulties for a Spanish. Today there are methods, techniques that are within your reach and free to overcome all difficulties, except one that depends on yourself, the so-called self- love to do things well .

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