Tips to improve your study of Italian

Nov 27, 2020

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Tips to improve your study of Italian

Tips to improve your study of Italian

Today there are extraordinary technical and practical conditions and above all many experiences to alleviate the efforts, and put them at the service of everyone, in order to rectify the mistakes that are frequently committed. In fact, it is widely recognized that learning foreign languages ​​is very useful for our brain to take and maintain the precise and more flexible form, to protect us from neurological diseases. Therefore, the exercise of looking for errors will help you in this direction, because without realizing it, sometimes, when we study Italian, due to the similar characteristics between Romance languages, it pushes us to make mistakes too easily.

Here are some tips to improve your study of Italian:

Work on the phonetic details:

 To speak Italian, it is necessary to listen to natives speak by all the means at our disposal - radio, television, movies, series, etc. - and pay close attention to pronunciation to observe the following rules:

  • That the tonic accent should generally be on the penultimate syllable.
  • That the pronunciation of r, resembles the Spanish r.
  • Look at the diphthongs, and you will see that all the vowels are pronounced (example: puoi ).
  • Pay attention to the letter "z" that is actually pronounced "tz."
  • You also notice that the letter "c" followed by a vowel is pronounced "ch"

As soon as you know all these phonetic characteristics, it will be necessary to accustom your hearing, that is, to listen to Italian. Preferably from those who have it as their native language; of course, because they dominate it.

To make this improvement work even more relevant, there are several techniques:

  • The quite effective academic formula of the revision sheets, which consists of summarizing the knowledge of Italian acquired during the course, or a period of it that must be reread regularly.
  • The method that consists of repeating only the exercises done with your Italian teacher, or practiced on your own, until you make no mistakes. Ideal formula to improve without failures.
  • The liveliest method of practicing Italian is to do it with a native speaker through any channel other than the teacher, to put what you have learned into practice.
  • Immersing yourself in Italian traditions will help you progress: language and culture are two closely related concepts.

Study the grammar step by step

Knowing the basic rules of grammar and syntax in the Italian language is logically very useful to be able to write and speak it correctly without fear of making mistakes. For this reason, we advise you to have a good grammar rules book at hand, with its corresponding exercises, depending on your level. It is difficult to advance at a good pace in a language such as Italian, without handling its grammar with some ease. In Italian you have to pay special attention and care with verbs and their tenses to make the correct use of them. We propose this link to get it.

Listen to the Italian spoken by all possible means

Today it is easy to have access to listen to a given language, much more Italian, because it sounds familiar to the Spanish, and its graceful intonation is very pleasant to our ears. On the internet you can tune in to many stations, such as Italian radio that broadcast on FM. And they also have their website. If your taste is music because through it you better capture the words and it is easier for you to retain them, you can tune in to Radio Italia, which transmits only Italian music, it will also help you to know the news, and all kinds of broadcasts.

More tips ...

In case you iterate, here is a list of songs in Italian that can help you work and delve deeper into the language.

You can also access all these films , which will help you work the language:

Read in italian

A very practical exercise that gives very good results is to read a lot in Italian. It is a very effective training to gain speed in expression and reflexes in interpretation. But reading is not just speed, without a correct pronunciation it will be of little use to you, and you will not improve much, so our advice is that you read aloud. You must observe the rules of pronunciation, the phonetic details described above.

In case you don't know what to read, these lists can help you choose readings according to your level:

Visit italy

Although your need or desire to study Italian has another goal, it is logical that as you get to know the language, the idea of ​​going to Italy will arise, to know it and perfect the language by speaking with the natives. If you decide to carry it out, you should take advantage of your stay there to practice as much as possible: you must penetrate its rich culture and especially take the opportunity to speak with the Italians in order to experience with satisfaction how much you have learned and continue advancing. There is no greater satisfaction than to feel in the practice the pleasant pleasure that the efforts have served you and have helped you to reach your goal.

Some considerations

Italian is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in Europe and offers you all kinds of perspectives; However, to extract the desired goal, to achieve it, sometimes, it is preferable to forget about its similarities with Spanish, which can relax and even lead you to the error of misusing terms and words that you take for granted due to the inertia that are identical to Spanish and they are not. These are the reasons that have prompted us to provide you with some reasons for greater attention when studying it.

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