The latest trends in training: from the face-to-face model to the online model

Since the coronavirus crisis began in practically the entire world, one of the sectors that have been most affected in this regard has been training. Overnight, thousands of teachers and trainers have had to change their routines, methodologies and tools without having a prior idea of ​​what all this supposes and entails. Nov 25, 2020 #Cambridge #LanguageCert #learn English

Guide with 30 books in English to learn according to your level

We recommend 30 novels classified by difficulty: 5 novels for each level from A1 to C2. Of all genres, classic and modern. So you can choose a book suitable for your level of English that can hook you. Nov 25, 2020 #English

Where you can take the Trinity exams in Malaga

Are you studying English with the intention of officially certifying your level? Do you know the Trinity exams? Do you live in Malaga and don't know what options you have? Nov 25, 2020 #Trinity #English #Examen de inglés

Where you can take the Trinity exams in Seville

You will find all the data related to levels, dates, enrollment and prices of the Trinity College exams in Seville. Among the different degrees that can be obtained from Trinity College, and which you can examine if you live in Seville, are: Nov 25, 2020 #Trinity

All guides to official English exams

If you are thinking of taking an official exam to certify your level of English, we want to help you decide with this article Nov 25, 2020 #Cambridge #Aptis #Toelf #Toeic #Exams

Books and tips for learning English on your own

The academies do not generally offer you a schedule compatible with your personal and work circumstances. But what if you prepare for the English test on your own? Nov 24, 2020 #Cambridge #Trinity #Aptis #Curiosities #Exams

The different English certificates and their equivalent levels

In today's article we want to help you prepare for an exam that officially certifies your level of English Nov 24, 2020 #Cambridge #Trinity #Toeic #Examen de inglés

8 reasons to get a language degree from Cambridge or another prestigious institution

A good CV is essential to compete for a job position. A language certificate is also a personal satisfaction. Nov 24, 2020 #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Toelf #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

English test preparation statistics

More women than men enroll to achieve an official English certificate. There is no age to study English. Obtaining an official certificate is a goal to achieve for us Nov 24, 2020 #Cambridge #Oxford #Trinity #Anglia #Aptis #Ielts #Toeic #LanguageCert #Cambridge exams #Examen de inglés

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