The fastest and most efficient way to learn German

Nov 27, 2020

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The fastest and most efficient way to learn German

The fastest and most efficient way to learn German

If you want to become bilingual, think that language study requires you to enter a real or imaginary environment of the native country of the chosen language. In particular, in the knowledge of the specific language, what it requires is work, rigor and motivation, which are the keys to a correct and fast learning.

Learning a language outside of class, for example German, is quite a challenge that requires an iron will. Not all people succeed in a traditional language course taught in a bilingual school or university with just a few hours a week. The practice of many years has given us much more effective strategies.

Live several months in Germany

A more or less prolonged stay in the mother country of the language, in this case in Germany, offers you the opportunity to face an inescapable reality, the need that creates you to have to speak the language is the only option you have. Everything around you is culture and language. From the first day you will have to fend for yourself to be able to find accommodation, look for work, if it is your case, do the shopping, go to eat or call for food to be brought to you. In other words, you have to learn everything in German in a few days and sometimes in a matter of hours.

In two or three months, the steps taken compared to studying it in passive times and places or away from the natural environment of the chosen language are gigantic, because not only do you have to speak German, but you have to make an effort to think like it, to understand it and to understand you.

Enjoy the experience abroad

If you are willing to live such a rewarding experience, you can consult one of the many organizations that organize exchanges between Spaniards and Germans, or if you have possibilities, take a leave of absence and work in Germany for a few months. On the other hand, if you are a student, the Erasmus program also offers you the opportunity to study in Germany.

To study and learn any language you need to be fresh and not feel fed up. What it is about is to make good use of time and space, it is not good to satiate yourself to the extent that you can come to hate what you are doing. It is necessary to combine study with free spaces, with fun, in this situation learning relaxes and you take the necessary calm and then resume with more strength and enthusiasm.

In this regard, manage your free time wisely and enjoy it . Read funny books, not very complicated, so you will feel more relaxed at the same time, because you will improve your composition of sentences and almost without realizing it will teach you how to master grammar and you will gain vocabulary. 

Take intensive courses in a language school

Learning is usually always more effective in a language school than in courses taught at school or university. The lessons are so penetrating that you will end up thinking in German. These have the great advantage that they are taught in classes with a very small number of students. Teaching in small groups offers the great advantage of constantly practicing and having a lot of discussion. The teacher will only use their native language and will not speak anything in yours. Instead of translating new words that come up, it will explain them to you in German, which will allow you to improve your understanding and enrich your vocabulary.

Learn German while having fun

It is convenient that you use your time well, such as reading books in German, and you will see that you improve the composition of your sentences, you will master grammar at the same time that you will increase your vocabulary.

When watching a movie or TV series, put the soundtrack and subtitles in German . In this way, you will see that by reading what you hear, you will improve your pronunciation and also your listening comprehension. Enjoy watching TV and listening to the radio in German, which will allow you to have interesting discussions on all kinds of topics.

Learning German is the right decision

In summary...

German acquires its importance because it is the first native language spoken in the European Union and is among the 10 most important languages ​​in the world. It is one of the three official languages ​​of Europe and is spoken by 32% of Europeans (ahead of French with 28%). It is, therefore, a wise choice if you think about your future, or simply because it is a language of great interest