The current possibility of studying a language for people with physical limitations

Dec 1, 2020

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The current possibility of studying a language for people with physical limitations

Many times a person is forced to study a language because his new job requires it, or because his company transfers him to a branch in a certain country to carry out a specific employment relationship for a time. There are those who do not have a job obligation to learn a new language, but would like to do so. Unfortunately, some are in the grip of a disease that prevents physical mobility. But their desire to cultivate because they are curious about world literature, or for any other general circumstance, could be satisfied with the study of a language with which they would receive the necessary stimulus to achieve it.

At the same time they would like to maintain relationships with people from other countries through modern means of communication, with the purpose of exchanging opinions about their hobbies; However, the weight of their physical situation creates in them certain prejudices that make them give up learning a foreign language. There are certain keys to these cases that we are going to present to you, so that you can be persuaded that in those circumstances you can study a foreign language, the defects in this regard are the product of your negative thinking that you must overcome.

Technological development opens doors that were previously insurmountable

Scientific progress is at a level that can open all the doors to satisfy your inclinations and that is why we intend to help you from these lines, because despite your physical situation, your healthy mind does not prevent you from connecting with other people, even foreigners, nor develop all your intellectual capacity. Today from your home you can enter the houses of people that are thousands of miles away. Today science allows you to fulfill your wishes no matter how difficult it may seem.

Choose according to your claims, but also to your level of instruction

If you are not advanced in grammar, or if the study of the technical part of a language you think is going to be very difficult, because you understand that you do not have enough level, do not worry, this obstacle is not insurmountable, currently you will find methods for all kinds of circumstances, in this case:

- You must choose a language that is closest to Spanish.

- Naturally, as you cannot attend face-to-face classes, the option is to study it on your own and once you have chosen the language, which must be the closest to Spanish in grammar, approach its study with the assurance that you will master it.

- In all languages, even more so in those close to Spanish, there are more than a hundred common and identical words that are used by a person daily; therefore, they are easy to retain in memory, which is not a bad start, because from the beginning it will allow you to build sentences, with a few words of the language that you have begun to study and that do not coincide with Spanish. That is to say, you are not starting from scratch, it is only about organizing the study and you will see that the advances are spectacular.

Adapt external circumstances to help you study the chosen language.

New technologies will help you to become familiar with your new language:

- Change the language of your mobile and computer.

- Download dictionary applications, pronunciation applications or some of the services to learn languages.

- Search the internet for songs written in the language you have chosen and that you have heard with some frequency in Spanish, learn their translation. It will do this quickly because you know them and they are famous.

Social networks to learn languages

A very effective option is to establish a relationship with one of the many social networks that exist for this task. The stimuli that you will receive are multiple and all of them positive, because it promotes intellectual growth:

- Promotes intellectual development.

- Refresh memory.

- Improves the ability to concentrate.

- The brain resembles a muscle and exercising it with language learning has shown that neurons work better.

- Multilingualism develops the ability to make decisions, which acquires a special meaning in the physically handicapped.

In addition, the great advantage that networks have is the diversity of courses and for all levels, in which you can choose communication forums to interact with all kinds of users and thus chat with them, which will give you ease both in writing as in speaking the language.

Last conclusions

The technical and intellectual progress that humanity has achieved in the last twenty years makes it easier to overcome all the obstacles that previously existed both in the field of theory and in practice. Modern research systems also reveal positive aspects to us that were previously hidden from our eyes.

Gone are the times of prejudice, the mere fact of having a physical problem, already took precedence over the desire to satisfy certain intellectual concerns, such as the pleasure of studying a language. Because it was only possible to learn it in specialized centers and, unfortunately, there was neither money nor the mental preparation for the pleasure of studying it to arise in our brains. Why would a disabled person want to know French or English?

Technical progress has surpassed all that and more, today there is no excuse for not satisfying the desire and pleasure of studying a language with the pretense of speaking it with natives of the country of origin of the language we study. Today without leaving home we have at our disposal, all the technical elements to study with guarantees of success and also with the opportunity to practice them, in writing and with the word with the Portuguese, French, English, Danish themselves. The language does not matter, nor how far away you are, because we have the means to invite him to enter our own home and to introduce ourselves into his, without costing us anything. For all this, encouragement for all those who, for any reason, are forced to live their lives within narrow limits.