Language level to access the Erasmus scholarships 2020-2021

Dec 4, 2020

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Language level to access the Erasmus scholarships 2020-2021

To access the Erasmus scholarships 2020-2021, all applicants for said scholarship have the inescapable obligation to justify their level of languages ​​in order to be eligible for these scholarships. This is how you show that you meet all the requirements, demanded by destinations in the final phase of the selection of applicants. This justification is made by presenting all the official documents that the Central Language Service verifies.

Show your level of languages.

It is necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the language of the country where the course will be held, or the language that will be used in the subjects (If the place you have chosen to go on Erasmus is Poland, then you only have to demonstrate your level of English ). To do this, you can present an official certificate, or take the language test carried out by each university.

If you have provided an official qualification in your application to demonstrate your level of languages, this may already be sufficient for you and therefore, you are no longer obliged to take any language test. But if you lack the official degree, then you will have to pass the level test established by your university. Although, not all destination universities have as a rule require having a language level (In both Italy and Portugal it is possible to find destinations without having to pass the level test )

In the case of English speaking, the minimum grade required to go to a destination is a B1, but it may also happen that some centers ask students for better grades such as a B2 or C1.

You should also foresee the complementary tests. Sometimes universities conduct personal interviews to assess student motivation, for which you must be prepared.

Procedure to justify the level of language.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship and the justification of the language level is: from October 13 to 30, 2020. But, if you do not yet have an official certificate by those dates, you should not worry about it, what you should do is simply mark " PENDING " on the form. This means that you have an extraordinary period to proceed with the presentation of that documentation. In this way, you will have time to take an official exam, or perhaps to finish a course that you are taking. Then the deadline for the submission of PENDING documentation will be February 3, 2021.

Remember: you can justify your language level with the SCI courses, including those taken during the first semester of this academic year. To check the registration for SCI exams, German B1, French B1 and B2 and English B1 and B2 exams, you can do so at:

Choose your destination university

In some universities they usually ask you to complete a list of destinations that you would like in your application and they automatically assign you one. On the other hand, in other universities destinations are selected in descending order according to the score of each student. That is, the student who has the highest percentage of credits passed with a better average grade, can choose the destination first. The downside is that the student with the worst evaluation may find that many destinations no longer have places available and will be forced to choose between those that remain and if none is to their liking, or if for some other reason they do not want to go to those countries, you can always leave it for the following year.

List of approved and accept the place.

This is the moment in which the university will publish both the list of all the students who will be able to enjoy the Erasmus scholarship as well as the destination university they have chosen. In this regard, you only have to formalize in writing that you want to receive the Erasmus Grant and confirm that you agree with the host university.

Request aid.

To apply for aid, there are several public and private organizations that offer economic amounts for students who are going to do Erasmus. In some of the cases, the scholarships depend on the Autonomous Community and the University. Therefore, you must make sure that you apply for all possible financial scholarships. Surely your faculty will be able to inform you of all the scholarships and the deadlines you have to apply for them.

Application form

Finally, and once your home university confirms that you have been awarded a place, it is the right time to make an application to the destination university, in order for them to approve that you are capable of doing there the next academic year. In the international relations office they can help you to carry out the entire bureaucratic process and they will give you the necessary documents to fill out.

Erasmus coordinator.

When the two universities have already given you the go-ahead, the home university will assign you a tutor . It's usually one of your teachers. He is the person who is going to help you select the subjects that you are going to take at the destination university, and is also the person who has to approve your “learning contract". (Learning Agreement) .