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What topics are seen in the A2 level of English?

Level A2 of English is the second level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which defines the different levels of a language established by the Council of Europe. In everyday speech, this level could be described as "basic". The official level descriptor in the CEFR is “elemental”, which means the same thing: it is the base. At this level, students have already mastered the elementary fundamentals of English and can communicate simple and basic needs.

A2 level English skills

One of the questions that you may ask yourself when reading this information is, what language skills characterize a person who certifies that they have an A2 level of English? The CEFR defines the following:

At this level, the grammatical structures and communication skills of the previous level A1 are developed a little more.

−− Is able to understand frequently used phrases and expressions related to areas of expertise that are especially relevant to him (basic information about himself and his family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.).

−− Can communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks that do not require more than simple and direct exchanges of information on familiar or common issues.

−− Can describe in simple terms aspects of their past and environment, as well as issues related to their immediate needs.

Grammar level A2

The grammar content for level A2 is as follows


Saxon Genitive

Question Words

Modal verbs



Some and any

What is it like?





Comparative and superlative


Verb in ing


For and since