Faq. Exámenes Trinity

Where is Trinity College?

Given its great importance and its deserved fame, Trinity College is the object of attention of future English students, hence we have received inquiries from different people about it, but the most requested is its location. We offer you a small face as an introduction to give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of this college:

Trinity College Features:

Trinity College is one of the colleges that make up the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Trinity College has more members than any other college in Cambridge or Oxford, with about 660 students, 430 postgraduate students and more than 160 professors and members of the college.

"He is the richest of the Oxbridge colleges."

−−Trinity is considered a world leading academic institution, with a outstanding tradition in history and also in the field of education, teaching and the investigation.

−−Currently it has its own funds in excess of 1500 million pounds.

−−It enjoys the reputation of being, per student, one of the best academic institutions endowed with the world - with a budget per student reaching one million pounds.

−− That is, more than ten times the average of 100,000 pounds of the rest of the colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Among his most famous students are

Isaac Newton (physicist)

Francis Bacon (philosopher)

James Clerk Maxwell (physicist)

Bertrand Russell (philosopher, mathematician, and writer)

Charles, Prince of Wales

And an endless list of scientists and philosophers.


It is part of ........ University of Cambridge

Foundation ............. 1546

Founder .............. Henry VIII of England


Address .............. Cambridge, UK