Faq. Exámenes Trinity

When does Trinity expire?

Judging by the number of readers who have asked us about the expiration of the Trinity, we warn that there is a special interest in knowing this data, caused by the uncertainty of finding a short-term job. It is not a trivial concern, nor much less, given the very special circumstances that exist in the labor market todayIn this regard, the situation is as follows:

Delivery and expiration

Trinity has set itself the goal of speeding up the delivery process as much as possible and ensures sending the certificates four weeks after the exam. Not like others certificates such as Cambridge, Trinity exam certificates English do not expire. That is, the GESE certificates are valid from the day the certificates are received, however, and this fact is out of the examiner's control, it is possible that employers will not accept degrees if they are very old.

Wrong opinions

Rumors circulate on the networks that the B1 certificate has only validity for 2 years, which is not true. Trinity English certificates do not expire and are recognized by public authorities in Spain.

Trinity exams are not only accredited by educational British authorities (OFQUAL) but are recognized nationally and internationally by

universities, companies and institutions.

Specifically, in Spain, the ISE and GESE exams have been used for years. Official forms by various autonomous communities for the evaluation of projects of bilingual teaching and accreditation of teachers. Additionally, Trinity is a member of full rights of ALTE, the prestigious association of European examiners, which has precisely granted the ISE and GESE exams the qualification "Q Mark", which is only given to the most recognized and accredited European language exams.