Faq. Exámenes Oxford

Frequently asked questions during the Oxford test of English exam

During the exam the Oxford test of English

What if I need a break during the test?

If you need to take a break during the test, for example to go to the bathroom, raise your hand

and ask the watchman. Please note that the test will continue and time will be wasted spent away from the computer.

Can I leave if I finish the test early?

No. All examinees must remain in the room until the test is over.

During the exam, can I change my answers to the questions?

Yes. For the listening, reading and writing modules, you can change your answer as many times times as you like until you click 'Next' or run out of time, and proceed to the next screen.

Can I go back to a previous question?

No. After clicking 'Next' (or running out of time) and moving to a new screen, you cannot go back to a previous question.

Do I have to give an answer?

No. You can go to the next part of the test without giving an answer, but remember that you will not be able to return to the question to answer it later, so it will be marked as wrong.

What criteria are used to mark the speaking and writing modules?

Speaking is marked in pronunciation, fluency, grammar, and lexis. The writing is marked on the task realization, organization, grammar and lexis.

Do I have to answer all the questions on the speaking test?

You should try to answer all the questions in the Speaking module. If you don't speak enough, you'll lose grade.

Do I have to include the three prompts in the email in Writing Part 1?

Yes. The prompts will help you organize your email. If you don't use all three prompts, you will lose marks.