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Can I request a revision of my Oxford test of English?

Oxford test of English exam results review

If you are not satisfied with the result you receive, you can request a result review. 

Rates for results reviews are available at the test center and may vary at different test centers.

A results review consists of a new review of the Speaking or Writing module. A score review will not result in a score lower than that achieved in the original test that is awarded. If the CEFR level for the module or the overall CEFR level increases as a result of the results review, the review fee is refunded.

In the unlikely event that the result review identifies an error in the tasks presented during the test, you may need to retake the test. In such cases, your examination fee will be refunded and you may be offered an exam fee refund or a free exam refund through the exam center.

Note that since the Listening and Reading modules are marked by computers, marking errors are extremely rare, so a review of results for these modules is unlikely to result in a possible change.


If you have requested a result review for one or more test modules and are still unhappy with the result, you can request an appeal through the test center. The center will charge a fee to process an appeal. You cannot request an appeal if you have not previously requested the results review. All appeals are reviewed by the University of Oxford.

The university's decision is final.