Faq. Exámenes Linguaskill

Why choose Linguaskill?

Why choose Linguaskill to take your English exam?


The Linguaskill exam you get it Fast

 You receive a results report in just 48 hours. Linguaskill results are immediately available for Reading & Listening; in 12 hours for Writing and in 48 hours for Speaking.

Everything you need to know Detailed

 The results report details the level of the candidate or group of candidates in each of the 4 skills aligned to the CEFR, from a level A1 to a C1 or higher.

Prepare your Linguaskill exam the way you want Flexible

Choose the skills you need to assess: Reading & Listening, Writing and Speaking

There is no more trust than the Cambridge Certification and Linguaskill is part of its Quality and trust

 Linguaskill has been developed through extensive research and piloting by Cambridge English assessment experts. Therefore, the results of this test are completely reliable.

Linguaskill is a practical exam

Companies and institutions will be able to administer and supervise Linguaskill in their own facilities and on the date that best suits them. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and headphones with a microphone.

An accurate examination

Provides an accurate x-ray of the candidate's level of English in each of the four skills.

Carried out by experts in language assessment

 Linguaskill has been developed by world experts in the field of linguistic assessment. It has been tested through an extensive pilot and validation program with speakers of 40 different languages ​​and in more than 50 countries, to ensure that the questions and tasks proposed in this test accurately determine the real knowledge of the candidates. It combines the latest technology in artificial intelligence with the quality, trust and reliability you expect from Cambridge Assessment English, a department at the University of Cambridge.

Easy to manage

Linguaskill can be easily managed and monitored, at any time and on your own premises. You just have to request the number of tests through our online platform and perform them at the time that best suits your needs. A computer, internet connection and headset are required.

 Customer Support

You can count on our support at any time. We have a wide range of resources and support materials, as well as a telephone support service.