Faq. Exámenes Aptis

What is the Aptis certificate?

The Aptis certificate refers to a document that is issued to a candidate as conclusive proof of their proficiency in English. The Aptis Certificate is a two-page document that illustrates your level of English in a well-informed way that can then be used by any educational institution or any government body.

Certificate content

The first page of the certificate shows your name, the date of the exam, the name of the exam center (location), and the exam package at the top, under the heading Candidate Report. This term refers to the Aptis certificate, the way IELTS does not have a certificate but a TRF (Test Report Form).

Generally speaking, this document is known as an Aptis certificate, however, in a more technical and official way, it is called a Candidate Report.


Subsequently, a two-column table is delivered that shows the names of the skills and their respective scores that tells the reader where the examinee is in each linguistic ability –Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking –and the characteristics of the language –Grammar and Vocabulary. The score of each of the components is awarded on a scale from 0 to 50, according to their competence in each of them. You can see your score compared to the total, such as 48/50, etc.

Score graph

Not only is this, but a graphical illustration of a candidate's score is also available for educators, businesses, government and non-government agencies to learn about a candidate's English proficiency. In this graph (a bar graph), you can see CEFR levels from A0 to C on the y-axis and language skills on the x-axis. The bars representing language skills touch the line for each level (A0 to C) to demonstrate a candidate's skill level which can be seen in numerical form in a table above the graph.

Does Aptis correlate with CEFR levels?

Aptis thrives on two things. First of all, the Common European Framework (CEFR) and all the content of the test is directly linked to the CEFR and is driven by the CEFR. The test was also built on the basis of a test development and validation model called the social cognitive model.

How to interpret the APTIS scale score?

Each Aptis section: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Grammar and Vocabulary is scored out of 50. This means that the Listening, Reading, and Grammar and Vocabulary question is worth 2 points each.

Validity of the Aptis certificate .

Most of the time, the Aptis test is intended for a single language assessment by organizations, so there is no expiration date as such. For example, teachers can find a teaching job with the help of the Aptis certificate in many countries around the world, as the Aptis test is a globally recognized and authentic English test.

Also, employers, who use English as a means of communicating with their clients, at one stage (either at the hiring stage or at another time during the year) instruct their employees to take the Aptis exam.

For this reason, no expiration date is provided on the face of the Aptis Certificate. However, depending on the circumstances, the organization, school or university may not accept the Aptis Certificate after 2 years from the date of issue. This is a similar case with IELTS, TOEFL, and other international English tests.