Faq. Exámenes Aptis


Aptis assesses English skills relevant to your requirements. It allows an organization / institution to test all four English skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking together with the required core component (grammar and vocabulary) or to test just one skill, for example reading. 


The Aptis reading test lasts 30 minutes and is divided into 4 tasks. Tasks get more difficult as the test progresses

  • Sentence Comprehension  (In this part, you must choose a word (option of three) to complete the sentence. There are five sentences to complete. Each sentence in the text is independent, which means that it is not necessary to understand all the sentences to complete individual sentences - This part tests your ability to read a sentence and complete the sentence with an appropriate word).
  • Text Cohesion  (In this part, you will see seven sentences. They belong to a single story that has been shuffled. There is only one way the sentences go together to form the story and your task is to click on the sentences and drag and drop them onto the correct position in the story. This part tests your knowledge of the cohesion of a text. You are looking for clues in each sentence that show how it connects with other sentences).
  • Short text comprehension (in this part you will need to read a text (approximately 150 words). The task is to complete the text by selecting the appropriate words (from a list) to fill in the blanks. To complete the whole text, you need to understand more than just one sentence. This part tests your ability to read and understand short texts).
  • Long text comprehension This part consists of a long text (about 750 words) with a series of headings. The task is to match the headings with the paragraphs of the text (there are seven to be done). There is always an additional heading that does not fit with no paragraphs. This part is designed to test your ability to read and understand long text. Additionally, you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of how headings reflect paragraphs in different ways (sometimes using similar words, sometimes similar ideas, or sharing a topic).


You will receive results based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). They will indicate their CEFR level (A1-C2) for each skill tested. If you take all 4 skills, you will receive an overall CEFR level and a scaled score (0-50) showing your level for each skill level tested.