What are the Oxford exams?

The Oxford English Exam is an exam of general English competence adapted to the current technology. Developed by Oxford University Press and certified by Oxford University, it is more flexible, profitable and faster than many other traditional tests. It is recognised by many educational authorities.

How can you make your registration?

The official exam date is on the third Friday of each month.

The enrolment deadline is 30 days before the exam date.

You can enrol in 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules. A complete exam is formed by 4 modules.

Once you have all the information about what modules you are going to choose and the examination date, you can complete the online enrolment.



Official recognitions

CRUE (Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Españolas)

ACLES Asociación de Centros de lenguas de enseñanza Superior.


Fundación Jimenez Diaz.

ESIC Business School.

ESIC Valencia.

Campus Iberus.


Ministry of Science and Education.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Servicio Español para internalización de la Educación (SEPIE).

Amongst many more.

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