What are the Anglia exams?

The Anglia exams  -Anglia Examinations-  are other options you have to obtain an official English certificate. Anglia is an internationally recognised educational nonprofit association which is dependant on the Ministry of Education of the United Kingdom, and they offer an integral and structured evaluation system of English language skills. 

How can you make your registration?

You can complete the enrolment for these exams through our web page. View all the information about exam dates, fees and prices of all the Anglia exams.


Official recognitions

Spanish government.

Regional governments: Andalucía, Baleares, País Vasco, Atrurias ( Universidad de Oviedo) y  Murcia (Universiad de Murcia).

ACLES ( Asociación de centros de lenguas de la Enseñanza Superior).

Over 70 Spanish universities.


Erasmus scholarships.

ICEX España exportaciones e inversiones.

ESIC Bussines & Marketing School Madrid.

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