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After many years of professional preparatory work the Member States of the European Union established a consortium in 1992, with London as the centre. With the help of the ERASMUS and later the LINGUA programmes its task was to develop a uniform language test in the languages of the Member States of the European Union. In accordance with the EU unification policy the Member States that formed the consortium wanted to ensure equivalency and recognition of the certificates in each language without having to be validated nationally.

The professional responsibility of the “ECL” language tests – ECL stands for “European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages” – was taken up by a prestigious university in the home country of each language that constructs the tests and evaluates the papers. On the basis of the uniform criteria established in the first phase of standardisation, ECL exams can be taken in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Rumainan, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovak, Russian, Spanish, Croatian, Czech and Hebrew.

¿Qué conocimientos y habilidades evalúa el examen de Inglés ECL

The Examination has 4 parts: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The 'Written Exam' is comprised of Reading Comprehension (Reading) and Written Communication(Writing).The 'Oral Exam' consists of Listening Comprehension(Listening) and Oral Communication(Speaking).

A complex exam is successful if the candidate achieves a minimum of 40% in each parts of the exam (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking), and the average of the four parts of the exam is a minimum of 60%. If the candidate is only successful on the written or oral partial exam, they receive a certificate verifying that they have passed a partial exam.

¿Qué tipos de exámenes ECL hay y en qué se dividen?

The Levels of the ECL language exam are:

Level A2 (Beginner)
Level B1 (Elementary)
Level B2 (Intermediate)
Level C1 (Advanced)

¿Qué niveles certifican los exámenes ECL?

The ECL language exam is a proficiency exam aligned to the levels of the Common European Framework. The ECL language exam may be taken at the following levels: A2 (beginner), B1 (elementary), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced). German and Hungarian have four accredited levels in Hungary, and in English levels B1, B2 and C1 are accredited.

¿Cuál es la duración de los exámenes de Inglés ECL?

Depending on the Level of the exam the dration of the tests differ: the higher levels have longer tests. The Reading Comprehension (Reading) last between 35 and 45 minutes, Written Communication (Writing) last between 35 and 75 minutes, Listening Comprehension (Listening) last upto 25 minutes for A2 and upto 35 minutes for C1. Oral Communication (Speaking) lasts about 20 minutes at all levels.

¿Qué ventajas tiene?

The content and overall validity of the tests have been established after extensive research by specialists and pilot tests on specific target groups.

The ECL exams test oral and written ability to use the language of everyday discourse on practical, professional and personal topics at varying degrees of complexity.

If the candidate applies to take a complex exam but manages to pass only one part of it (written exam – reading comprehension and written communication, or oral exam – listening comprehension and oral communication), he/she receives a certificate verifying that they successfully passed a partial exam. The other part of the exam can be completed any time. The two partial certificates make up a complex language exam certificate.

During the ECL language exam, candidates take their oral exam in pairs. During the guided conversation they discuss a randomly selected topic. For the individual talk, they need to talk individually on the basis of the picture montage.

The Examination Centre announces the results of the exam on its website (www.ecl.hu) within 30 days from the date of the written exam.

Candidates with disabilities are entitled to get specific testing accommodations provided they have official doctor’s papers specifying their health conditions and request it on a written form submitted to the examination site of their choice. The form for this process is available at the examination sites in printed form and also electronically on the website of the Examination Centre

Comparability is one of the important characteristics of the ECL tests. To ensure this, examinations as well as test materials and certificates are built on uniform principles. According to these uniform principles the parameters and criteria of evaluation and the types of tasks are the same in each language.

Each specialist member of the Consortium is responsible for test construction and marking in their own language. To ensure maximum reliability for the ECL tests, all items are pre-tested, test constructors and markers are trained before each session, and a system of double marking is used. A committee of specialists from each of the languages being examined monitors the standards of question-setting, marking and awarding to ensure equivalence between levels of achievement across the languages.

¿Qué vigencia tienen los resultados?

The ECL language certificate is valid for life and is internationally recognised.

¿Cómo puedes realizar tu matrícula?

Registration and payment must be done online. After registering online for an exam, you will receive confirmation of your registration and information about the exam by email. 



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ECL qualifications are accepted by organizations around Europeand the world. Our exams and tests facilitate your access to higher education, improve your job opportunities and, thanks to extensive international recognition, increase your options for academic and job mobility.

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