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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardised English exam. Its purpose is to measure the user's English competences. It has two versions: the traditional paper based exam, and the online format. It is one of the highest recognised English exams in the world.  

What knowledge and skills does the English TOEFL exam assess?

The exam evaluates the four main English skills:

Reading comprehension (Reading).

Listening comprehension (Listening).

Oral expression (Speaking).

Written expression (Writing). 


What types of exams are there and what are they divided into?

There are 3 main versions of this tests.

IBT (Internet Based Test): It is an online exam, which is the most used exam by different institutions around the world. It includes written and spoken competences. 

PBT (Paper Based Test): It is a traditional paper based exam. It is carried out in many centres that don't have a very good network structure. It still exists nowadays, but ETS will soon replace it.

ITP (Institutional Testing Programme): It is a traditional paper based exam. It will only be valid if it is presented as an English knowledge test for some institution of your country. 

There are also other available tests like:

TOEFL Primary Tests: They are designed for students whose ages are 8 or over, and they measure the English linguistic abilities which are the basis for successful students. 

TOEFL Junior Tests: These exams are designed for students who are over 11 years of age. The TOEFL Junior exams evaluate the student's English linguistic abilities so they can identify their strengths and challenges.

All types of TOEFL exams must only be presented to institutions convalidated by the ITS (Educational Testing Service).


What levels do the TOEFL exams certify?

You will receive a score ranging from 0 to 30 points in each section of the exam, and a total score ranging from 0 to 120 points.


In accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

A global score between 57-86 is equivalent to the B1 (intermediate) level of English.

A global score between 87-109 is equivalent to the B2 (high intermediate) level of English.


A global score between 110-120 is equivalent to the C1 (high) level of English.



What is the duration of the English TOEFL exams?

The TOEFL has an approximate duration of 4 hours, consisting of:

Reading Comprehension (Reading) between 60 and 80 minutes.

Listening Comprehension (Listening) between 60 and 90 minutes.

Written Expression (Writing) lasts for (about) 50 minutes.

Oral Expression (Speaking) lasts for (about) 20 minutes.

What advantages does it have?

The TOEFL certificates are one of the most recognised certificates in the world. They are used in more than 9,000 universities and organisations in more than 130 countries.  

The TOEFL certificates give you prestige, credibility and distinction in the institutions which require them.

The questions of the exam combine reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, the same way as in classrooms.

The qualifications are 100% fair and impartial. The exams are only evaluated through the centralised networks of qualifications.

The results will be available 10 days after the exam has been completed. You can consult everything online.

There are many available exam dates in the different examination centres around the world.

You can repeat the exam as many times as needed, but you have to wait 12 days between the exam sessions.

It will enrich your vitae curriculum by improving your employment and promotion opportunities. 

It will ease your access to programmes of advanced education: bachelor's degrees, masters or postgraduates in other countries. 

With the TOEFL certificates you can access specialisation and English courses in foreign countries. 

A printed version of your results will be sent via email, if you have selected the corresponding option in the registration. 

The qualifications will be sent for free to 4 institutions you have chosen in the registration.

The exam evaluates scores between 0 and 120. Therefore, it measures your level according to your obtained qualification. Depending on the obtained results you can decide which knowledge areas to reinforce. 




How long are the scores valid?

The obtained results are valid for 2 years after the exam has been completed.

How can you complete your enrolment?

In our website you can find all the available locations and dates, you can also enrol in an official exam. What are you waiting for?


Official acknowledgments

It is the preferred test in the USA. In 9 out of 10 universities in the USA, the preferred test is TOEFL, and the American universities receive more TOEFL certificates than all the other English ones combined.

It is even more popular in Canada. In more than 80% of the postgraduate programmes the TOEFL certificates are preferred over other English qualifications. The Canadian universities receive more TOEFL certificates than all the other English ones combined.

It is 100% accepted in Australia and New Zealand. The TOEFL certificates are accepted by all Australian and New Zealish universities and immigration organisations.

Preferred in France and Germany. The French and German universities prefer the TOEFL certificate, and receive more TOEFL certificates than all the other English ones combined.

Widely accepted in the United Kingdom, over 98% of British universities accept TOEFL certificates, including the elite universities of the Russell Group, where the certificates are accepted 100%, thus offering a fair and impartial alternative.


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